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Vintage and Classic Car Rentals for Your Wedding

The latest trend of marriage ceremonies is the concept of using a wedding car hire. This manner of doing things has become like wild fire and it’s cutting across customs, boundaries and cultures. These vehicles are not like other choice ones from the vehicle hire firm since they are sort of unique. They come decorated and beautified in a way that befits the occasion.

Employing a classic or vintage car for the special event? When hiring it for a wedding, there are some things that you should put into consideration.

Can you drive that car?

Vintage and classic car rentals have more stringent requirements compared to other car rental businesses. The drivers should be at least 25 years old and not older than 70 years old. Typically, there is a minimal of having experience in driving for at least two years and it could be as many as 5 years. The driver must have a driving license that is relatively clean, minor convictions could be overlooked. Any convictions for driving dangerously won’t be considered.

Older cars have their own idiosyncrasies; the rental company might need you to show competence and they will be watching to see the way you handle each facet of the vehicle from the steering to gear change. They may refuse to rent out a certain model if they don’t believe you can handle it well.

How much is the cost?

The cost of the car will depend on several things including its age and condition. Old automobiles come under three classes: Veteran, made before1903; vintage, manufactured 1903-1933; and classic which are normally above 15 years old. The veteran cars aren’t usually available for rental purposes but they tend to be used as showpieces in private collections or museums.

Based upon their age, the level of personal security the automobile will possess will vary and this is going to have an effect car insurance that the renter will pass to you. By way of example, following 1969, automobiles began being made using the ignition key which locks the steering wheel when the ignition is switched off. Therefore, classic and vintage automobiles after that time could be more economical to rent because they have an extra layer of security that earlier models don’t.

Most classic and vintage car rental companies give a comprehensive car insurance. It may be a stipulation of the hire business to accept them. The insurance should cover damage to the rented automobile (Collision Damage Waiver), damage to any other car involved and all passengers as well as drivers and any fire and theft the vehicle might be subjected to. Go through your policy to ensure it covers all that because some classic car insurance policies will pay a percentage for example 80%. Considering the cost of a classic or vintage car, even paying for a small proportion of the cost can still be quite expensive.

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